The INVISIO®M4 is an in-ear bone conduction headset that is custom made to fit your exact ear shape.  The M4 is made using an exact laser cut impression of your ear, so every contour, ridge, and detail of your inner ear are incorporated into the M4 Headset, providing you with one of the most comfortable tactical in-ear headsets in the world!

INVISIO® M-Series headsets are configured to work with both analog and digital radios, can be adapted to work with any TEA Push-to-Talk Switches.  Key features of all INVISIO® M-Series Headsets include Kevlar woven cables for added durability, unique whisper capability, the ability to work under eyewear/gas masks and also the ability to clearly communicate in high noise environments.


  • Custom Earmold for superior comfort
  • Unique Hear-Thru Port
  • Great for extended use
  • IP64 Rating (Can get wet)
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