The INVISIO®M4s is a custom fit and fully submersible in-ear bone conduction headset.  With an IP68 rating (down to 20 Meters), the M4s allows for superior comfort and communications in or out of the water.

INVISIO® M-Series headsets are configured to work with both analog and digital radios, can be adapted to work with any TEA Push-to-Talk Switches. Key features of all INVISIO® M-Series Headsets include Kevlar woven cables for added durability, unique whisper capability, the ability to work under eyewear/gas masks and also the ability to clearly communicate in high noise environments.


  • Custom Fit and Submersible!
  • Dive in with TEA H2O PTT's and Kits
  • Works under re-breathers
  • IP68 Rating (20+m Sumersibility)
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