Phonak Nano

The new Nano system consists of a special neck loop mic and a Nano earpiece that are both based on the new transductor technology. Unlike conventional covert systems, the neck loop transmits the speech signal coming from the professional radio on a much higher frequency than the usual plain base-band audio frequencies. The Nano earpiece picks up the frequencies emitted by the loop and transposes them down to the audible domain again. The earpiece contains a very powerful Digital Signal Processing chip that carries out complex tasks such as automatic gain control, loudness limiting and soft squelch rapidly and efficiently.  By transmitting on much higher frequencies, the covert communication system is immune to electromagnetic interference. In other words: Nano is the only covert solution with EMI shield.


Zero Profile Comms Kit

Market’s smallest wireless earpiece

Wireless Remote for discrete keying

Works with radios or mobile phones

Available in multiple colors

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