We utilized the Hi-Threat headset for the duration of a training cycle using both the stand alone headband and the helmet mounting system.  The headset was coupled with a TEA Dual-com U94 PTT connected to 2 x Harris AN/PRC-152A radios for detachment communications and ground-to-air communications.  The detachment found that the headset had unprecedented hear-through capability as well as exceptional sound quality for external noise and radio traffic.  Ground-to-air communications typically use Amplitude Modulation (AM) based frequencies, which can induce static feedback in some headsets.  The Hi-Threat system did not emit feedback to the user enhancing data transmission and accuracy.  The system utilizes a ruggedized boom microphone, which provides exceptional value added to the headset via background noise cancelling capability and robust design. The boom microphone is the most significant point of failure for competitor’s headset systems.  The detachment did not find any failures in the equipment during the duration of the exercise. The enhanced capabilities of the headset provided the detachment exceptional situational awareness and increased speed and accuracy for data transmission.

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