The headset fit comfortably under our tac helmets. Team members had no issues with comfort level or fit.  The audio performance far met my expectations. The device was tested next to a busy highway and the headset worked flawlessly. The noise cancellation and radio traffic clarity met and exceeded my expectations.  I was able to determine the direction of sounds without any issues, but it does take some getting used to in order to set the volume to the correct level so it is not overpowering.  The headset was easy to set up and use. The ptt and headset connected without any issues which would make the equipment easy to setup up in a hurry.  I expected the headset to be much heavier, but it seemed to be the perfect size and weight. It did not feel cumbersome while wearing the product.  I have used other products with ptt and bone mic technology, but this product surpassed my expectations. The size weight and overall sturdy build of the product made it practical for use in tactical situations. The noise cancellation and audio feedback surpassed my expectations. The clarity of the headset was top notch.

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