Bill Pegler

November 17, 1932 – April 22, 2017

Founded by Bill Pegler in 1969, TEA has a long history of providing advanced tactical headsets and communication products to specialized teams within law enforcement and the military. In the early 1980’s, TEA designed and developed the first tactical throat mic system (LASH®) for use with military and public safety portable radios.

A legacy of setting the standard in tactical communications for over 50 years

TEA History

After the success of the LASH® system, TEA began to provide maritime teams the first radio dry bags with fully integrated submersible headsets and push-to-talk switches that revolutionized the way maritime teams could communicate in the water.

TEA was awarded the MICH MARITIME program in 2000, which provided Special Operations Teams within the US Navy and US Marine Corps the ability to use a suite of communication headsets and a universal push-to-talk/control unit with modular cable down leads giving them the ability to interface with an extremely broad range of radios and intercom systems. TEA continues to support modifications and purchases for the MICH MARITIME program.

To this day TEA continues to develop and provide comprehensive communication products and solutions for military special operations forces, law enforcement, public safety and industrial applications. With our motto being “I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME” we make sure you can effectively communicate wherever your operations take you!

About Us

In 2013, TEA was awarded the TCAPS program which provides soldiers an in-ear communication headset with certified hearing protection and enhanced electronic hear-through as well as a modular push-to-talk/control unit that interfaces with the new NETT Warrior radios/devices as well as ground vehicle and aircraft intercom systems. The primary objective of the TCAPS program is to ensure all soldiers have the highest level of hearing protection and communications on the battlefield.

TEA Mission Statement

The mission of TEA Headsets is to provide our customers with the best communication ancillaries available anywhere in the market today and provide them with the necessary information to make an informed buying decision. At TEA, customers, along with providing the best portfolio of headsets and push-to-talks for today’s Military, law enforcement, and other government agencies are at the forefront of our business. We provide these with a dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction delivered to the finest clientele in the world.

TEA Capabilities

We offer the largest variety of headsets, push-to-talks options, and ancillary selections. Our ability to customize and integrate their products to almost all current or legacy Public Safety and Military radios. These include new dual or multi-talk group radios, portable smart devices, laptops/computers/tablets, and also on-board intercom systems such as ground vehicles, fixed/rotary wing aircraft, and maritime vessels.

TEA is known for our ability to customize or tailor our broad range of products to meet your requirements or specifications. With our motto being “I heard you the first time…®” we go to every effort to ensure our products allow you to effectively communicate, even within the most extreme environments.

We offer a no obligation evaluation program for qualified military and law enforcement teams/units to try out our products. “Hear for yourself” the difference in quality of TEA headsets!

TEA Team:

Chief Financial Officer

Erika has been with TEA since May 1998 and for 22 years has been a valued member of the TEA Team. In that time, she has become familiar with all aspects of TEA’s operations. Erika handles order entry, production scheduling and some sales in addition to her duties as CFO. She graduated with a BS in Finance from Long Island University – CW Post campus.

Procurement / Repair

Roseann joined the TEA team in 2005. Roseann brings over 30 years of experience working within the corporate world.Roseann is our Procurement Manager and oversees all aspects of purchasing as well as handles the processing and monitoring of repairs.


Russ Bell
Sales Director

Russ joined the TEA team in 2015. He retired from the 75th Ranger Regiment in 2007 as the Regimental Chief Signal NCOIC and held the positions of Regimental Signal Detachment NCOIC and 3rd Ranger Battalion Communications Chief as well. Russ brings 27 years of DOD and Special Operations communications planning, force modernization, and RDT&E experience, most recently supporting a number of USSOCOM communications and technology acquisition programs. Russ is our Director of Sales and oversees the growth of TEA military, government and law enforcement sales.


Dean joined the TEA team at the end of 2005. He graduated from the University of Hartford with a Science Degree specializing in Audio, Electrical Engineering. Over the years he has cultivated his talents and skills and expanded his understandings in other branches of Engineering, Design, and Development. Dean’s familiarity with the form, fit, and function, operational requirements of communications products and systems, and abilities as a cross-functional teamplayer are valuable assets at TEA Headsets.

General Manager / Sr. Compliance Officer

Jourdan joined TEA in 2010 after various & long-term roles in the commerce, transportation, retail/wholesale, & logistic industries. He superintends overall operations, creates & advances marketing/advertising/branding, & oversees special projects. Additionally, he structures & maintains TEA’s International Program, control systems, & strategic planning.

As Sr. Compliance Officer, he is responsible for development and oversight of policies & training, auditing, licensures, export protocols/regulations, and risk assessment.

His BBM & BCJ coupled with continuing education contribute to TEA’s 50+ years of excellence.