ERF - Product Evaluation Request

  • We appreciate your interest in testing our products. The purpose of this application is to allow TEA Headsets to loan your organization/unit/team our equipment for testing and evaluation purposes for a period of 30 days.

    Terms and Conditions:
    1. The duration will not exceed more than 30 days without prior authorization from TEA.
    2. The evaluation will be done inside the United States and cannot be transported outside of the US without expressed consent of TEA.
    3. The individual receiving the product is responsible for loss or damage incurred outside normal "wear and tear" during testing. The equipment should be returned in good working condition.
    4. The requesting agency may be billed if it is deemed there is a violation of the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.
    5. The requesting agency or evaluator(s) agree to provide feedback via TEA's online AAR form, which can be found on their website homepage.
  • Planning Info

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Evaluator Contact Info

  • Official email addresses only
  • Supervisor Contact Info

  • Official email addresses only
  • Ship To Address

  • Product and Application Info

  • If using ICS please call out specific vehicle/AC
  • If using ICS please call out specific vehicle/AC
  • By clicking "Submit" you understand that the equipment is being sent for temporary loan and you agree to the terms and conditions as stated in this document. You also understand, that you are responsible for the equipment being provided by TEA and it's timely return upon completion of your evaluation. You understand that failing to return the equipment in a timely manner will result in an invoice and a copy of this agreement being sent to your agency for collection.