User Feedback

Surprisingly clear.

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

We utilized the Hi-Threat headset for the duration of a training cycle using both the stand alone headband and the helmet mounting system.  The headset was coupled with a TEA Dual-com U94 PTT connected to 2 x Harris AN/PRC-152A radios for detachment communications and ground-to-air communications.  The detachment found that the headset had unprecedented hear-through capability as well as exceptional sound quality for external noise and radio traffic.  Ground-to-air communications typically use Amplitude Modulation (AM) based frequencies, which can induce static feedback in some headsets.  The Hi-Threat system did not emit feedback to the user enhancing data transmission and accuracy.  The system utilizes a ruggedized boom microphone, which provides exceptional value added to the headset via background noise cancelling capability and robust design. The boom microphone is the most significant point of failure for competitor’s headset systems.  The detachment did not find any failures in the equipment during the duration of the exercise. The enhanced capabilities of the headset provided the detachment exceptional situational awareness and increased speed and accuracy for data transmission.

US Army Special Forces

The headset fit comfortably under our tac helmets. Team members had no issues with comfort level or fit.  The audio performance far met my expectations. The device was tested next to a busy highway and the headset worked flawlessly. The noise cancellation and radio traffic clarity met and exceeded my expectations.  I was able to determine the direction of sounds without any issues, but it does take some getting used to in order to set the volume to the correct level so it is not overpowering.  The headset was easy to set up and use. The ptt and headset connected without any issues which would make the equipment easy to setup up in a hurry.  I expected the headset to be much heavier, but it seemed to be the perfect size and weight. It did not feel cumbersome while wearing the product.  I have used other products with ptt and bone mic technology, but this product surpassed my expectations. The size weight and overall sturdy build of the product made it practical for use in tactical situations. The noise cancellation and audio feedback surpassed my expectations. The clarity of the headset was top notch.

Tahlequah PD

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort of this headset.  I think the comfort is due in large part to the material and softness of the ear sealing cups.  We have tried other brands and found that the ear cups would cause discomfort within a short period of time, especially when wearing eye protection.  Overall, we found this product to be of the best quality out of all the products we tried.

Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office

Very Comfortable Ear-pro.  Hear-through and RX/TX audio is very good – Definitely an option for the team moving forward.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The headset was comfortable, and I actually prefer the TEA MARK helmet rail adapters vs the standard peltor adapters that I used to run.  Very impressed with the headset in regards to audio performance.  Maybe it’s because it’s newish, but I could tell a huge difference from my old dual peltors.  I would rate the audio performance above all others.


Our detachment tested the U94 PTT in both dual and single comm configurations for ground-to-ground and ground-to-air communications.  The PTT’s were coupled with AN/PRC 152A radio systems utilizing the 6-pin audio connector. The PTT is much more ruggedized compared to other units, while also being smaller and more ergonomic.  This allows for increased kit manipulation for the user.  The Protective Boot is the single most value added to portion of the PTT.  The water resistant, debris resistant boot reduces the potential for communications failure in adverse weather and environmental conditions. The detachment, on numerous occasions, has experienced PTTs becoming mission incapable due to water saturation of the connection port.  This is a significant problem during adverse weather, potentially leading to no-comms and mission incapable status. The TEA U94 was utilized during periods of extreme weather and consistent rain and experienced no adverse effects.

US Army Special Forces

Tea Headset PTTs have always been my choice above any other PTTs. The SAR-M headset is also my top choice for Reconnaissance mission profiles due to the lightweight and better fit/comfort than in ear solutions.

USASOC (75th Ranger Regiment)

The Maritime Kit was tested by Santa Barbara County Fire Air Support Unit Ocean Rescue Swimmers and SBCFD Surf Rescue PWC Operators in the following capacity. A training was set up involving rescue swimmers jumping out of a helicopter hovering 20 feet over the ocean. A second rescue swimmer, would then jump out after the first swimmer and communicate to the helicopter crew chief using the OSK Kit that he was going to rescue the first jumper by attaching a cable to the both of them in order to be hoisted back into the helicopter. All the while, the Huey helicopter was hovering 20-30 feet above the swimmers. This continued for 3 more times while using the OSK kit.  The OSK kit was then to be handed over to the PWC operator for testing on the watercraft. Speeds of 20-30 mph were hit while transmitting using the PTT. Radio range was tested as well as clarity of communications at distances of 1-2 miles.  Initially after the jump, for helicopter swimmers, communications were muffled, but a squeeze to the (microphone) wind sock expelled water allowing for clearer communications. We didn’t get a chance to test communications without the windsock, or at speed without the windsock, or with the earcup attached to a helmet instead of on a mesh headpiece. All in all, the audio and clarity was excellent. The biggest limitation was not having the ease of being able to change communication channels on the radio. However, we are aware this does not lessen the quality of the product or its performance.  I am extremely pleased with the performance and ease of use of your product.

Santa Barbara FD

We used the ODK w/SAR-M headset kit while operating a jet ski and jet sled at approximately 30mph and carrying on a radio conversation. This was to simulate the loudest environment we thought we’d have to encounter with the headsets.  Overall the product fit really well. The helmet we use is not designed for a headset to be used and it worked great. some of the fit issues are probably on our side

and just need experience and practice.  The audio performance was outstanding. we were very impressed, and we are excited to add this to our team.

Albany Fire Department

We operate in the ocean in Southern California on Yamaha Jet Skis and we are often entering the surfline and taking waves over the bow and off the stern during aquatic rescues and emergency situations. This equipment needs to be able to withstand the harsh and salty marine environment while delivering clear communication with units on shore. Thus far in testing, it has shown that it can handle our marine environment and deliver good, crisp sounding communications while underway. The dry bag keeps water out and the zipper stays secure despite impact from waves and other elements. The headset remains secure in place and gives great audio clarity and volume. The dry bag is excellently sealed on all edges and especially where the connecting cable exits the dry bag and the PTT component is watertight.

California State Parks - Department of Parks and Recreation