TEA Headsets and Federal Resources Announce Exclusive Distribution Agreement

The partnership supports Federal Resources’ accelerated growth and strategy to invest in new and existing products that contribute to its innovative pipeline.

Stevensville, MD (May 11, 2017) – Federal Resources, a leading provider of quality products and mission-critical solutions, recently announced the launch of an exclusive partnership with Television Equipment Associates, Inc. (TEA Headsets).  Under the terms of the agreement, TEA has granted Federal Resources the rights to market and distribute its products to potential end-user customers, including federal, state, and local governments, as well as non-public entities throughout the U.S.

“TEA Headsets is a trusted and regarded market leader with a wide range of customizable products, extensive capabilities, and broad customer base,” says Rob McWilliams, CEO of Federal Resources.  “Much like our team, TEA puts its customers and quality portfolio at the forefront of its business, and we’re thrilled to offer the best communication products available to our trusted law enforcement and military personnel.”

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Federal Resources and look forward to working with such a dynamic company with a proven record of success across multiple market segments,” says Jeffrey Norment, President, TEA Headsets.  “With TEA’s new products, experienced team, and knowledge of communication ancillaries, coupled with FR’s highly-trained and motivated sales force, we anticipate nothing but success in the future for both companies.”

Both Federal Resources and TEA Headsets will be displaying at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) from May 15-18 in Tampa, Florida.


TEA Headsets Announces New Partnership with Think-A-Move, Ltd (TAM) and its Milicom Division

TEA Headsets is pleased to announce that a new partnership has been established between TEA Headsets and Think-A-Move, Ltd (TAM) and its Milicom division.  Our companies are excited to provide innovative solutions for Military, Public Safety, and Commercial Two-Way Radio & PTT Over Cellular.  With new products offering patented, In-Ear Voice Capture technology that features superior audio performance, especially in high noise environments and TEA’s long history of providing advanced tactical headsets and customized, communication products to specialized teams within the Law Enforcement and Military, we feel that the partnership will deliver our customers superior tactical solutions.

TEA Headsets Introduces the ARES Multi-comm Push-To-Talk with In-Ear Solution


May 2017, TEA is proud to announce another system in the long line of rugged and reliable PTT’s, the new TEA ARES multi-comm PTT and in-ear-solution.  This solution is capable of interfacing with all current DoD radios, headsets and platforms (LAND-SEA-AIR), phones, tablets and intercom systems.  It incorporates a new industry leading “Echo Cancellation” technology that will allow the device to handle full duplex audio on two separate channels and can also accommodate talk group select options when needed.  We anticipate the ARES system to fill in the gaps of current multi-comm products on the market today with its unique features and ease of use.  All parts sourced and manufactured for the ARES in the USA.

The ARES Multi-comm Push To Talk & In-Ear System will be unveiled along with the entire TEA Headsets line in Booth #1200 at SOFIC.

TEA Headsets Introduces a New Line of Maritime Products

In May, 2017 TEA Headsets is pleased to announce a new line of maritime solutions, proven in sea and air rescue, swimming, diving, jungle, riverine as well as other military maritime and emergency services operations.

The SAR-M Maritime Headset is extremely lightweight, rugged and submersible to 20 meters.  With its adjustable headband/strap, it can accommodate almost any head shape with an adjustable nylon-elastic assembly and features an ultra-rugged submersible boom microphone.

The TEA Occasional Swimmer’s Kit (OSK) allows you to convert your land radios to a fully submersible communication kit down to 20 meters submersible.  The OSK bag can accommodate a very broad range of portable military and public safety 2-way radios and with its extremely durable design with surgically sealed enclosures.  The exterior cable assembly of the OSK kit integrates TEA’s range of submersible PTT switches and headsets for additional Push To Talk options.

With TEA’s SAR-M Headset and the OSK Radio Kit, you can maintain a natural level of hearing while keeping your radio dry and fully operational.

Dive in with TEA Tactical Maritime Products!