TEA Headsets Celebrates 50 Years of Business

TEA celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019 and is proud to announce several new products and partnerships during this past year.

For more than 50 years, TEA Headsets has had a long history of providing quality customized products to our customers. TEA has developed some unique products over the past year in partnership with several OEM’s, to include a USB enabled tactical headset designed for the USMC for use with VoIP/VoSIP communications and the HTH T1 Auto-Switching O2 customized headset that can be used for a number of tactical scenarios.

TEA – Persistent Systems

The Persistent Systems – TEA Headsets collaboration combines TEA’s long history of providing advanced tactical headsets and communication products to specialized teams within the Department of Defense and Persistent Systems® cutting-edge Wave Relay® MANET Technology. We are proud to provide these advanced tactical headset solutions in support of the SOF mission. To date TEA has delivered more than 1500 customized headsets to support this effort.

The unique HTH T1-Auto Switching- O2 customized headset can be used for a number of tactical scenarios and can take advantage of the Full Duplex capability of the MPU5 radio. The Auto switching function incorporates specially designed circuitry that allows the user to seamlessly switch between the boom microphone or O2 gas mask microphone without having to change, disconnect and reconnect the boom microphone.

“For 50 years now, our mission at TEA has been to provide customers with the best communication ancillaries available anywhere in the market today. By collaborating with Persistent Systems, leveraging their vast capabilities and experience within the tactical radio networking arena TEA continues to supply military personnel with the customized hearing protection they need while being able to maintain communications,” says Jeffrey L. Norment, President of TEA Headsets.


TEA has developed a unique swim bag design to accommodate multiple versions of the key OEM radio family. The design incorporates several features to insure the users radio remains safe and dry while working in a maritime environment. It’s available in multiple configurations to accommodate both handheld and manpack versions of the radio.


TEA has also worked with SPAWAR to develop a customized tactical USB capable headset for use with the USMC’s VoIP/VoSIP communications and the USMC Networking On-the-Move Ground Combat Vehicle and Airborne systems.

The headset is designed to work with almost any computer.

TEA will deliver over 800 headsets within the next few months.

Spearpoint Solutions & Technology

The collaboration between TEA and Spearpoint has led to the design and development the SPR single sided headset. TEA has just delivered the first round of 600 headsets. We look forward to many more such projects with Spearpoint.


TEA Headsets has a long history of providing quality customized products to our customers. Stop by our booth #1601 at the SOFIC convention and see some of our new products.

At TEA we look forward to continuing to meet our customers’ needs and continue to grow our relationships during the next 50 years!

TEA Headsets Introduces a New Line of Maritime Products

In May, 2017 TEA Headsets is pleased to announce a new line of maritime solutions, proven in sea and air rescue, swimming, diving, jungle, riverine as well as other military maritime and emergency services operations.

The SAR-M Maritime Headset is extremely lightweight, rugged and submersible to 20 meters.  With its adjustable headband/strap, it can accommodate almost any head shape with an adjustable nylon-elastic assembly and features an ultra-rugged submersible boom microphone.

The TEA Occasional Swimmer’s Kit (OSK) allows you to convert your land radios to a fully submersible communication kit down to 20 meters submersible.  The OSK bag can accommodate a very broad range of portable military and public safety 2-way radios and with its extremely durable design with surgically sealed enclosures.  The exterior cable assembly of the OSK kit integrates TEA’s range of submersible PTT switches and headsets for additional Push To Talk options.

With TEA’s SAR-M Headset and the OSK Radio Kit, you can maintain a natural level of hearing while keeping your radio dry and fully operational.

Dive in with TEA Tactical Maritime Products!