Dual-Comm E-Switch

Our Dual-Com E-Switch is a highly customizable push-to-talk platform to meet the need of multi-com source applications.  The Dual-Com E-Switch can be configured to work with standard or dual net radios as well as vehicle/aircraft/watercraft ICS.  Users also have a choice of PTT interface, such as transmit buttons or using a toggle switch.

The Dual-Com E-Switch has a standard U92 or Nexus input to accommodate a wide range of tactical headsets that use this standard connector and can also come with an auxiliary port for either remote/sniper switches or to connect your gas mask.


Can be custom configured!

Option auxiliary input for remote PTT’s or gas mask

COM 2 can be wired hot for use with ICS PTT’s

Choose either Button or Toggle PTT function

Great for JTAC or Multi-Com applications!

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