U94 PTT Dual-Com

If you’re looking for a lightweight and rock solid dual-com push-to-talk look no further.  The Dual-Com U94 Push-to-Talk can be configured however you need it to be.  Some of our most common configurations include:

Radio + Radio

Radio + ICS (Intercom System)

Additional versions available on request.

Our unique U94 PTT design has quickly become one of the most popular PTT platforms with military and law enforcement operators because of it’s size as well as its rugged and contoured design.  The Dual-Com U94 has a standard U92 or Nexus input to accommodate a wide range of tactical headsets that use this standard connector and includes an optional WPC (protective collar) to prevent hot mic as well as a Protective Boot that creates a tight seal around standard headset connectors to prevent debris from entering the input socket.  New 90° connectors are available for our Tactical U94 Push-to-Talk Switches for select military radios.


  • Rugged and compact dual button design
  • Swap the back clip for right or left side use
  • COM 2 can be wired hot for use with ICS PTT’s
  • Industrial strength back clip for high impact ops
  • Great for JTAC or Multi-Com applications!
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