Our detachment tested the U94 PTT in both dual and single comm configurations for ground-to-ground and ground-to-air communications.  The PTT’s were coupled with AN/PRC 152A radio systems utilizing the 6-pin audio connector. The PTT is much more ruggedized compared to other units, while also being smaller and more ergonomic.  This allows for increased kit manipulation for the user.  The Protective Boot is the single most value added to portion of the PTT.  The water resistant, debris resistant boot reduces the potential for communications failure in adverse weather and environmental conditions. The detachment, on numerous occasions, has experienced PTTs becoming mission incapable due to water saturation of the connection port.  This is a significant problem during adverse weather, potentially leading to no-comms and mission incapable status. The TEA U94 was utilized during periods of extreme weather and consistent rain and experienced no adverse effects.